Gehring–Bandow Genealogy

"Genealogy – a sure thing of today"

Gehring–Bandow Genealogy is pursuing the aspect of “the world within its demographic change” with a great interest. This relates to the development of populations and their dependency to religion, occupation and time epoch.

We promote an active consciousness about transgenerational inheritance in the sense of epigenetics. “Past is immortal” – “it is the building block for our actions in presence and future”.

It is well-known that there are certain extrema within the feelings of our dear ancestors (i. e. traumata, but also their highly positive experiences) which are passed on to future generations. Thus, it is of essential importance to have a plastic picture of our ancestors.  Birthplace, profession, death place and the history of his migration do only draw a rough image with no further knowledge about the ancestor's life like pictures or anecdotes. But by including your researched ancestor’s information into a regional historical context you can integrate various historical events into his biography. This gives humanity the power to statistically understand how this shaped life in family and profession culture and finally our very selves.

Gehring-Bandow Genealogy fosters the reductions of the past’s harming burdens and the mediation of the manifold bonus points which our ancestors have transferred into our DNA.

This works hand in hand with the distance of the principles of suppression and secretiveness and the promotion of communication and openness. “Wanting a change? – then know yourself”.