An affair of our heart

For now 270 years the name Gehring stands for the fusion of private and public life.

The Gehring family, formallly in the profession of free farmers, is convinced that for maximal stress reduction work and free time have to flow smoothly into one another.

The farming acitivites as the main responsible on an ostwestphalian agricultural business were not considered as an obligation. But rather as something self-evident for sustaining a harmonic family culture.

We distance from today's common saying wihtin working culture "Just one day - then weekend comes in". We perfer passionate and wholehearted actions sticking to the saying "I work for a living".

Work and learning activites have then reached their optimum, when one has entered the "mental flow" - burning for something - then work is lived one dittaches from space and time". One consequently feels free from time related burdens. Something every citizen imangines his free time.

"My family which lives on this contemplative farmis the heart of my duty to care for. After that though, all my beloved humanity follows - no matter where they come from. Everyone on this very earth fulfills himself on a very special way. Work has to be valued - it is the all time river of our life. What I am right now experiencing in my country does not only destroy one of the most significant religions in my country - no, it is despicable for the dignity of everyone who is involved" Estate of farmer August Gehring, Werther near Bielefeld, 1941

What is the key message we want to communicate with the name of Bandow?

For more then 300 years the Bandows family is dominated by change and signifcant migration movements. No settledness at all - relating the profession and living space.

A principle one can equally transfer to our today's society shaped by global- and digitalization.

The Bandow Family, a line influenced by people working in law and trade, promotes communication, tolerance, a free thinking charater as well as a continual redefinition of your personal dedications in life. Over generations Bandows have passed the key sentence to move with open eyes through the world. Putting this into today's perspective we reach the beloved soft skills within our global world. Ecconomy changes - and the successful participant in working culture has to be flexible and "up to date".

"One has to be agile, inspiring the right people for the thing you represent - communicate on a resonant way - not be their opponent, but instead a friendful teammate. Keep your eyes open, my son, then you discover the way your customer thinks - from there on you can lure to any of your projects!" - Independent Representative in the wallpaper industry, Helmut Bandow to his son Rainer, Nov. 1960

Relfecting Bandows principle of resonance Genealogy Gehring-Bandow supports a leader module in which the boss is considered a coach. Not as a dominant instructionist. As a company leader it should be a key task to bring employees into a healthy working environment and helping them to discover their frequently undiscovered potential with the help of seminars. Hand in hand the employee's consciousness for self-responsibility and and cooperative working increases.

"Our country - no, no our world changes rapidly. Do we want to influence? - undoubtedly! But this only works if we give this luckily more and more internationalizing country a bless of our local value composition. For a cooperative symthesis of Earth's glorious nations! So let's take an eye on our local gifted citizens. By promoting them they are predistinated to be influential as a global perl" Note of the wallpaper trader Otto Bandow after the release of the Kinescope-Tube (the first TV resembling device), Breslau (today Wrocław in Poland), 1929